Last week, Year 5 visited London and had a fantastic time. They started their trip exploring the magical world of Harry Potter which they thoroughly enjoyed. They were each given their own activity passport where they had to find the golden snitch. They also flew on a broomstick, visited Harry Potter’s house, 4 Privet Drive and walked through the Great Hall. Later that day, they arrived at their accommodation where they found their rooms and met children from different schools. Once they had unpacked, it was time for tea!

The next day, the children were up bright and early for another fun packed day. They visited the Tower of London, experienced a boat trip on the River Thames and then took a trip on the London Eye. They were amazed at the view and were able to spot lots of famous London landmarks.

Later that evening, they went to see the musical Matilda which was a fantastic experience for all.

Before they left for home on Friday, they visited the Natural History Museum. The children were fascinated as they walked through the museum looking at different time periods throughout history. They also enjoyed the hands on, interactive experiences.

They children had a fantastic time in London and is a trip they will never forget.London 2017