In maths, children have been continuing their work on position and direction.  We have identified the points of a compass and started to use basic coordinates to pinpoint an exact location.  Pupils have been writing their own directions and will move on to looking at repeated patterns next.

In English, children have written a set of instructions for an Anglo – Saxon food, namely honey oatcakes which they baked in class a couple of weeks ago.  Pupils’ new writing topic is poetry and we will identify different forms of poetry over the next couple of weeks.  We have already started to write our own spring/Easter acrostic poems and will look at haikus next.

In French,  pupils have started to learn new vocabulary associated with sport and practiced saying which sports they enjoy playing and/or watching on television.  We will move on to looking at classroom instructions next.

In RE, pupils have identified the religious significance of the Jewish festivals of Hanukkah and Passover.

In science, children have started their new topic which is ‘habitats’ and sorted objects into living, dead and never been alive.  Pupils have explored their own habitat in the school grounds and thought about which animals and plants thrive here and why.

In topic, pupils have written their own riddles (which was a favourite Anglo – Saxon past time) and designed their own Anglo – Saxon village.  Children will study artefacts of the period next, before sketching some drawings of these special items.

In art, pupils have focused on drawing self portraits of themselves, looking at sizing and dimensions