Swimming will begin again in the Summer Term and Years 1 to 6 will travel to Ross Pool on the following Mondays:

There are a total of 9 sessions – all starting at 1.30pm. Sessions will last for 30 minutes. The children will travel by coach to the pool, departing from school at 12.45pm and returning at 2.45pm in time for the end of the school day.

A letter will be sent out to parents (on Monday 25th February). The school is asking for contributions of £3.00 per session to go towards the cost of the transport. Once again the cost of swimming lessons has been partially subsidised by the school in order to reduce parental contributions.

Under the charges and remissions policy of the school, we are able to request contributions to cover the cost of each trip.  No child will be excluded for non- payment. We would appreciate payment for the 9 sessions in advance – total £27.00. Consent forms were completed by the majority of parents last September in preparation for swimming, however, if we have not received one there will be one attached to the letter parents receive. Please sign it and return it to school.

We ask that:

We would also ask parents to ensure that all the children’s clothes, shoes, swim bags, swimwear, goggles and towels are clearly named.