Many thanks to the PTFA for a fantastic fete. We enjoyed wonderful weather and, with the support of parents and other family members, the PTFA raised £531.80. Another busy couple of weeks and not long until the end of term! 

We had our first visit from Mr. Gittins and all of the children really enjoyed their PE sessions. 

Class 1 News

Class 1 have taken part in their free session at Pizza Express and the other classes will go there next week. The class have been busy writing poems using rhyming words.  This week they have started a fantastic story called ‘The Dragon Snatcher’, looking at the characters, setting and story plot.  In maths they have studied 2D and 3D shapes, their properties and how to describe position and movement. The class have now moved on to looking at halving numbers up to 100 for year 1 and up to 20 for reception. In science the children have studied the weather acting as weather reporters and they have looked at changing the colour of a white flower using food dye to see how water is transported in a plant.  We have talked in topic about how a castle is used today for lots of different things such as a place to live, visit or study as part of the history of our county or just as a place to hold weddings or events.


Class 2 News

In English, Class 2 have read their new class story ‘The Tunnel’ and have been creating their own settings of what could be on the other side. Pupils also wrote a persuasive argument on whether the main character should have crawled through or not.  They have been working hard at reading and writing the time in maths.  In science, the class have been looking at the function of the skeleton and naming some common bones.

Class 3 News

Year 5 and 6 took part in Bikeability and the instructors commented on the fantastic behaviour and lovely manners of the pupils. Some of Year 6 have been taking part in rehearsals for the Year 6 federation show and all of Year 6 have been making milkshakes to sell in aid of the school. They raised a whopping £55 at the fete! All of Class 3 will represent the school at HMFA athletics this week.