In partnership with our lunch provider we are in the process of reviewing the school lunch menu.  Whilst we constantly listen to children’s comments on lunches and have a feedback system to the kitchen, we would like to capture any constructive suggestions that parents have regarding meals.

Please bear in mind that small schools face unique challenges when providing meals for their children, not least the financial reality of providing a healthy meal for £2.20. Coupled with this we need to offer a balanced nutritious menu that addresses not only what children want to eat but also the specific food requirements of the Governments ‘School Food Standards’. The food standards are extremely rigorous and specify the amount of times each week that, for example, starchy food should be served; a dessert containing at least 50% fruit can be served and how often deep fried, batter or breadcrumb coated products can be served.

More information on school food standards can be found at:

Letters have been distributed to all parents and if you would like to comment, please return suggestion slips to school by no later than Friday 8th February 2019.