The children at Kings Caple Primary Academy spend a lot of their school day learning outside. Given the high temperatures and levels of sunshine we are currently experiencing we have developed a sun screen policy to help protect the children against the harmful effects of the sun.

Young people’s skin is particularly vulnerable to damage from the suns UV rays during the summer term. Over exposure to the sun and burning can sadly lead to skin cancer in later life. Our children’s health and well being is very important to us at Kings Caple Primary Academy, which is why we have written a policy to highlight the importance of sun protection. Parent’s support is very important if our sun screen policy is going to work. You can help by:

A letter and copy of the policy will be sent home with children this evening and a further copy is available by following the link ‘News and Events’ and then ‘Parent Newsletters’ on the website. Please read, sign and return the Sun Protection Policy to the class teacher.