A note from Mrs Watkins…

Despite the snow causing some problems, we have had a fun-packed few weeks at Kings Caple. We seem to be in the local paper every week!

Class 2 have enjoyed a wonderful trip to Bristol Zoo and their behaviour was outstanding. Thank you to the PTFA for supporting this fantastic excursion.

Year 3 represented the school at a gymnastics event and had great fun taking part.

Pupils and staff took part in outdoor learning training, finding out how to make the most of our outside space. Gardening club continues to engage the children – they have loved all the exciting activities! Thank you to parents who have sent items in for our garden and a huge thank you to Miss Phipps and Mrs. Meredith for all their hard work.

Our pyjama day was a great success, with a visit from local author, Karen Wallace. Karen remarked on the good behaviour of the children and said she would love to return!

Sion from Welsh water in Cardiff braved the snow this week to do a whole school assembly and workshops for Classes 2 and 3. This was an educational and fun session which the children really enjoyed.

Class 3 have taken part in competitions run by The Ross Gazette and Ross Labels. We are waiting for a decision from Ross Labels.

Class 3 will be taking part in Moving Targets at The Courtyard next week and they have been rehearsing every day.

This Friday we will have a visit from Hilltop Birds of Prey (kindly funded by the PTFA) and our disco will take place after school from 3pm to 5pm.

An update from the School Council…

Class 1

In lovely Literacy, Class 1’s spectacular story is the wonderful ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ which they have really enjoyed. Also, the children have been looking at nice nouns, verbs and amazing adjectives and how to use them.

In marvellous Maths, the children have been doing addition and subtraction.

Class 1 also have a brand new marvellous mini-topic: Birds!!! They have been learning about what the beautiful birds eat and their fabulous features.

In spectacular Science, the children’s work has been related to birds as they have loved learning the structure of them.

As well as the beautiful Birds mini-topic, the children have been learning a little bit about exciting European countries: spectacular Spain and fabulous France!

Class 2

In marvellous Maths, the children have been learning about incredible inverse. They have been doing this by explaining the way that 40 – 10 doesn’t equal 50 and many other silly sums like this! They have put their own inverse sums to make more sense of the real answer. They have also tried doing as many correct calculations as they can using the numbers 50, 42, 26, 8, 36, 14 and 24!

In exciting English, the children have been doing comprehension based on an incredible information text. They also made a finding and losing story of their own – these were brilliant!

In spectacular Science, the children have learnt how to live a happy healthy life by pairing the nutrient type with the reason we need it.

In tip-top Topic, the children have been learning about the differences between our brilliant British culture and the marvellous Maasai tribe’s culture!

Class 3

In marvellous Maths, the children have been looking at data and charts. They have also been looking at marvellous mistakes in charts, noting what’s worryingly wrong. The Year 6s have been looking at different types of triangles.

In tip-top Topic, the children have been making their own PowerPoint on the Amazon River. The children are enjoying doing this!

In exciting English, the children have been doing English Reading tests – the hardest test in the country! The Year 6s have improved at this a lot by doing Collins English Reading tests and everybody has been doing reading comprehension for The Holiday! (Not the holiday that will be very soon – the exciting Easter Holiday!!!)

Thank you for reading this week’s Kings Caple News Report!