Hello and welcome to the Kings Caple Primary Academy News Report for fortnight beginning 2nd October 2017!

Class 1 News

The children have started reading ‘Oh No, Monster Tomato’ in English. They have been practising it, very well at it; they know it off by heart! Also they have been doing character descriptions of Marvin (the main character who grew the monster tomato!). They have been doing Addition and Subtraction in Maths. They have been looking at recipes using tomatoes and they have also been making their very own monster tomatoes in Art!

Class 1 work

Class 2 News

The children in this class have been counting in ones, twos, fives, tens, fifties and hundreds! They have been writing a character description for Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk. If you were at assembly on Friday, you have seen the amazing descriptions they have written. In RE, they have been learning about Islam.

Class 3 News

The children have been writing some fantastic stories on The Lost Thing. They have included lots of description within the stories. In Topic (WW2), they did a newspaper report for 4th June 1940, on the Dunkirk Evacuation! Their homework is to make an Anderson Shelter! In Maths, they have been doing subtraction investigation using reasoning skills. In Science, they have finished the sleep/diet/exercise guidelines and we’re ready for next week’s investigations: SKELETONS AND MUSCLES!

Main School News

The Harvest Festival will be held next week at Kings Caple Parish Church then finishing off with Harvest Supper back at the school. All children have been given a letter about ticket pricing and information.

Thank you for reading the newsletter!