A summary from the School Council…

Class 1 News

Their brand new topic is Wonderful Windmills and the story they are learning about is The Crow and the Pitcher!

In lovely Literacy, they have been looking to add incredible, interesting words into their superb sentences!

In perfect Phonics, the children have been making sure they can use sounds in naughty nonsense words!

On Friday 20th April, the children visited Birdland in Gloucestershire. They were perfectly praised for their amazing behaviour at the exciting exhibition.


Class 2 News

Their new topic is The Railways! This sounds like a super exciting topic for Class 2 – it doesn’t just SOUND like an exciting topic as the children are enjoying it loads!

In exciting English, they have written about the best day of their happy holidays!

In marvellous Maths, the children have learnt about Division – one of four critically important parts of Maths!


Class 3 News

Class 3’s brand new topic was Explorers which was revealed to parents and children on ClassDojo at the end of last term, Mrs Watkins also noted she was very proud of the behaviour throughout the term. They have learnt about Captain Scott and how he tried to be the first one to reach the South Pole and that he sadly froze to death, to be found seven months later. The children are enjoying this topic. They also did a quiz in the Class 3 Assembly on the 20th April, where it was Parents vs. Kids!!! The kids won and got to share a box of Celebrations! Yummy!

Now, the Year 6s’ SATs week is only four weeks away! Not long at all. But no worry because as always, the children have been working hard on their SATs test!

In Science, the children have been learning about Forces, how they can affect our movements – such as jumping and more!