In English, Class 3 have been looking at and writing poetry. Children are writing poems about their favourite object using personification. They have come up with some lovely sentence work and description and will use this to write their final poem next week. Miss Cadien is looking forward to reading them.

In Maths, the children have been applying their knowledge of number and working through arithmetic questions. They have to work out their answers both mentally and using the written method. They are very quick with their answers! They have also been revising converting metric units of measure as well as division (long division for Year 6).

Class 3 are continuing to look at forces, in science, looking into the impact of air resistance on their own designs for paper helicopters.  They have looked at ways to modify shape and size of the rota blades and then conducted an experiment measuring the time it takes to descend back to the ground after setting a suitable height for each test.

The children have tried to take accurate timed recordings and considered which one of their designs takes the longest to land.