Last week was an important week for our year 6 children and we would like to say ‘Well done’ to both children who completed their SATs. They have worked very hard at home and school for several months and we know they will have done well.

While the year 6 children worked hard on their tests, the rest of the class worked hard in English planning their own explanation text. They mapped them out and then worked with a partner to share and support each other with final adjustments before writing them this week.

Over the last two weeks, the children have been using their addition, subtraction and their multiplication and division skills to solve problems. Some of these have been very challenging but the children have been fantastic at persevering and thinking logically about the problems in order to come to satisfying conclusions.

Our chocolate topic is still a hit with the children and they did some great research homework on how chocolate is made, starting from the bean on the tree. They have been using this research to create 5 posters which explain the 5 different steps in the process. Next week we will begin to look at the history of chocolate and after half term we will have a visit to Cadbury World.

On Wednesday 18th May, three of the Year 5 children attended an Art Extravaganza day at the Courtyard Theatre. This was an opportunity for them to extend their growing art skills. The workshop they attended was run by local artist Maria Morgan who helped them to explore 4 different art techniques: 3D art, printing, sewing and painting with water colours.