Class 3 have started the new term well. In literacy they are working on persuasive writing and learning techniques to convince people to do what they want….watch out parents!!  They may try some out on you! Their model text is based on the Anthony Horowitz’s ‘Multi Functional Mobile Phone’. They will be developing their persuasion skills through more of the gadgets that feature in his ‘Alex Rider’ book series.  We will also be reading ‘Storm Breaker’ as our class reader.

In maths the children are learning to find percentages and fractions of different amounts, in the context of a variety of units of measurement.

The children will continue their ‘Robots’ topic with Mr Harrison as they are using this for the basis of their ‘Moving Targets’ dance which they will perform at the Courtyard in February. They have started to put together the dance over the last few weeks and we look forward to seeing you at the performance.