In maths, children have been busy adding both mentally by partitioning and developing a formal written format namely the columnar method. They have moved on to applying these skills in solving word problems. Pupils have continued with their basic skills every morning, which consolidates and develops their number work involving place value, doubling and halving, calculating, number bonds and balancing the equals.

In English, pupils have completed their own versions of the story ‘Where The Wild Things Are’. The children focussed on using lots of adjectives, interesting sentence openers, conjunctions and powerful verbs in their writing. We will move on to planning and writing our own finding tale next.

In topic, pupils have presented their research of their London landmark to others and the work looks fantastic on display.

In PSHE, children have reflected on what makes a good friend and the qualities that underpin this.

The build up to Christmas has certainly arrived with children enjoying the pantomime ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at the Courtyard and making reindeer related crafts when some special antlered friends came to visit!