In maths, children have been working on place value and the properties of numbers. They have read and written both two and three digit numbers, partitioned numbers, represented numbers on various apparatus and solved problems involving place value. Pupils will move on to counting next.

Times table tests commence next week and will be every Monday afternoon. It is important children learn their times tables thoroughly each week, as this will help in all areas of their maths work.

In English, children have started learning the story ‘The King of the Fishes’.  They have created and used actions to help retell the story and designed their own story maps in ‘Talk for Writing’ style.  Pupils will focus on what makes a good character description, before writing one for the fisherman in the story.  Children will then look at the features of wishing tales more closely.

In science, children are learning about the importance of the skeleton and muscles.  Pupils will identify the different organs in the body, discussing their function. They will then explore what humans require to live healthily, focusing on nutrition and exercise.

In RE, children have started their study on Judaism.  Pupils have identified when the religion began and who founded it. They will move on to explore beliefs and place of worship next.

In topic, children have started their work on ‘At the Seaside’ and labelled different things that can be seen at the beach.  Pupils will move on to locating popular seaside resorts in the UK next.

In art, pupils have made observational drawings of different animals that can be seen at the seaside.

In PSHE, children have set new targets for the coming year.

In Spanish, pupils are revising and building on their pronunciation of various greetings.”