In maths, children have been focussing on money and have added coinage, made specific money amounts, solved problems involving basic conversion and investigated how different combinations can make the same total.  They will move on to adding and subtracting money amounts next, before calculating change. Pupils will then move on to telling the time and it would be useful to reinforce vocabulary associated with this at home, which will be extremely beneficial in their class work.

In English, children have identified the features of information texts and created a text map for an example that we have read altogether in class.  Pupils will then look at the purpose of sub – headings in more detail.  We have focussed on verbs, adverbs and pronouns in SPAG sessions and will move on to contractions next.  Children continue with weekly comprehension, guided reading and handwriting.  Spelling tests remain on Tuesdays until the end of term.

In science, children have been looking at the properties of rocks and conducted experiments testing their permeability and strength.  They have discussed how the properties of certain rocks determine their function.  We will move on to forces and magnets next.

In French, pupils have learnt basic greetings and counted to twenty.

In topic, children have described how Inuit people live and how they are able to survive in such harsh conditions.  They are currently researching a polar animal and their findings will help them write an information text on the chosen animal later on in the term.

In RE, pupils have continued to look at communities and what belonging to a faith community is like for many people.