Class 2 News – Mosaics, Poem Writing and Food Groups

In maths, children have been busy naming and identifying the properties of 3D shapes. They have looked for examples
in the outside environment and sorted them to a set of criteria. Pupils have created repeating patterns with these
shapes and also made some examples using a variety of modelling materials. Children will move on to solving some
place value problems next.
In English, pupils have started their new topic – poetry. They have written a simile poem based on the colours of a
rainbow and have constructed a haiku. Pupils have also written an alliterative poem. They will move on to writing a
rhyming poem next and create a shape poem of their own.
In French, children have written what they most like to do in school and learnt new vocabulary in order to communicate
their interests.
In science, pupils have learnt that there are five different food groups which help create a healthy, balanced diet for
humans. They have looked at what benefits there are of eating foods from each group on our bodies and why a food
pyramid is a good pictorial representation of what we must follow to stay fit and active.
In topic, children have learnt how to write numbers in Roman numerals and created some wonderful mosaics.