MicrohabitatsIn English, pupils have written their own journey story. They have enjoyed having the freedom to think of their own characters, settings and scenarios for their extended writing. They have used the class text for the term ‘Charlie’s Bag’ to help with the overall structure. Children will be doing their hot task soon which will see them write an exciting opening, building on the skills developed from the cold writing task, for the fairytale ‘Rapunzel’.

In maths, children have investigated the inverse rule between addition and subtraction using a range of Tara maths problem solving activities. Year twos have used the number line method to calculate difference and the year threes have used column subtraction.

In science, pupils have explored different micro – habitats they can find in the school grounds and reflected on which animals might live there. They have discussed why these animals thrive in such conditions and how they can adapt to their environment. They will move on to food chains next.

In topic, children have investigated how important the River Nile was to the Egyptians and what they used it for.  They designed their own persuasive posters to encourage tourists to purchase a ticket on a boat trip down this famous river.

In PSHE, children have reflected on how we are all unique and how we must respect the differences of others.

In Spanish, pupils have learnt new vocabulary for clothing.