With Miss Morris still suffering from chickenpox, Class 2 have been taught by Mr Sockett over the past couple of weeks. In maths they have been focusing on fraction work and finding fractions of amounts. They have taken part in lots of games which involve learning about equivalent fractions.

In English the class have continued their work on ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Brown and have being drawing story maps and doing character descriptions. The children have been exploring what the tunnel may have felt like and have discussed some of the emotions felt by the characters.

In art the Class have been following their Olympic theme and have drawn pictures of ‘Christ the Redeemer’ in Rio using a variety of different mediums including pen, pencil and pastels.  The standard of the artwork has been great and it is on display in the classroom.

In science the children have been looking at ‘light’ and ‘dark’ and this work will continue into next week. The class have been exploring what ‘light’ and ‘dark’ are, why certain things have shadows and opaqueness and transparency.

Class 2 also had a lesson on the recent EU referendum, exploring different perspectives and scenarios.Christ the Redeemer Pictures