In English, pupils have been writing their own warning tale based on the generic structure of our class story ‘The Greedy Fox’. We will move on to non – fiction for the rest of the half term, namely non – chronological writing. Pupils have continued with daily SPAG lessons within the literacy hour and have weekly handwriting lessons to develop their joined writing.

In maths, children have been calculating fractions of amounts and using their knowledge of multiplication facts to answer these questions mentally. We will move on to mental multiplication and division over the next couple of weeks.

In PSHE, children have been discussing feelings and which scenarios can lead to certain emotions.

In Spanish, pupils have been learning new vocabulary for animals on the farm.

We have started our new topic on the Olympics, 2016. Children have learnt when the games take place, where some have been staged throughout history and identified some of the logos/emblems associated with the games. We will move on to the origins of the games in Ancient Greece next.