In English we have been learning our story for this half term ‘The Papaya That Spoke’ with actions for key connectives and verbs. The children have identified the speech in the story and how we can punctuate this accurately in our own writing by composing an interview between the farmer and the reporter. We will be looking at suspense writing next and adapting the original story to write our own.

In maths we have focussed on subtraction both mentally and introducing some new written methods for this operation. We have played some Tara Loughran activities to help with basic recall of subtraction facts and will move on to investigating the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction next.

In PSHE we have been discussing the importance of feeling safe and where our own special place is.

In Spanish we have learnt the names of the days of the week and will recap on basic greetings next.

In art we have been busy designing and making our own shields in the Roman style. We will make some mosaics next and investigate why these adorned so many buildings in the period.

In topic pupils have been investigating the unsuccessful and successful attempts made by the Roman army to conquer Britain and how the Celts reacted to the invasion. Children will look at what Roman soldiers wore in battle and why, while exploring what a typical day would be for these men.