In English, we will be writing a recount of our forthcoming trip to The Corinium Museum, Cirencester, where we will be exploring all things Anglo Saxon in the galleries and taking part in some exciting workshops.

In maths, children will participate in some place value and counting investigative problems, before starting our new topic on the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction.

In science, we will be finishing off our work on light and dark, focussing on shadows and using the terms transparent, translucent and opaque to describe different materials in terms of the amount of light that passes through them.

In French, we will be looking at learning vocabulary related to members of the family.

In RE, our new topic is celebrations and we will look at both Christian and Jewish festivals over the coming weeks, in terms of identifying their religious significance and how believers today mark these occasions.

In topic, pupils are looking forward to their upcoming trip to The Corinium Museum and we will soon be baking, Anglo – Saxon style!