Class 1 have been very busy looking at their new story of ‘Lazy Jack’ after finishing some writing on the tale of, ‘Oliver’s Veg.’  Reception used their sounds effectively to create some great sentences to retell the story.

So far Year 1 have described Jack’s character in the story but will be moving onto writing some speech from the story leaning about the correct punctuation.

In maths, the class have been using their addition and subtraction skills to solve problems and puzzles where they know the target number but need to write ways to get to the correct answer.

In science we have looked further in to how things grow and the changes in the season at this time with trees blossoming, flowers bursting into bloom and the types of flowers around at this time of year.  The children have put their potatoes in the window of the classroom and will soon be planting them out.  They have looked at the growth in the bulbs and beans they planted recently and commented on the changes.Exercise books