We have had a busy week exploring the rainforest further, looking at endangered animals and writing some persuasive texts to tell people how important it is to protect them.  Year 1 wrote letters asking for help to protect the rainforest.  In literacy the class read and used the story of ‘Monkey Puzzle’ to write a recount and we have looked at books linked to endangered animals this week, ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs go Wild.’

The children have created some more beautiful art working together on a fabulous display showing how ladies carry the baskets on their heads.  To experience what it is like the children have had a go in class, they thought it was  very tricky!

In maths we have been exploring capacity and measures and found out how to order and compare liquid measures.  This week the children are revisiting time and can tell the time successfully to the hour, quarter and half past.

Reception have been working hard at taking away in maths using objects to help them.

In science we have continued to look at the seasonal changes for animals and plants. We have also looked at what animals eat if they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores!Measuring