Reception and Year 1 have made a great start to the new year, building friendships and getting to know each other.

The children have already begun to explore their feature text, ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears,’ learning the story and looking at the setting and ways to describe it.  We have made apple sauce from the apples in our outside area and porridge.  The children then used this to role play how the Bears asked,’Who’s been eating my porridge?’

In maths the children have all enjoyed counting and talking about the numbers they recognise and their understanding of quantities of things around them.

As a class we are looking at how the artist Lowry painted and have started to create our own Lowry style piece of art.

We have also talked about our own houses and the different types of homes people live in. The children have used different shapes to create a drawing of a house.

Eating porridge!
Eating porridge!