In Class 1 the children have just completed the book Tabby McTat written by Julia Donaldson and have used the text to write character descriptions in the form of missing cat posters.

In maths the children have been looking at time and have used clocks to show the time to the half-hour and hour. The reception children have talked about how to sequence a series of events and have related this to their own daily activities.

In science the children looked at life-sized animal footprints and compared them to the length of their own footprints.

In art the children have continued their moving pictures and created a picture with a spinning wheel to change the image within a picture. The children have been looking at their feelings and how they can talk and share their feelings with others of times of sadness.

The children are now moving on to multiplication and division and looking at halving and doubling of amounts. We will also be moving on to some poetry based on Tabby McTat.