In class 1 the children had a wonderful day at the Small Breeds Owl and Farm Park.  They got to experience many different owls and learnt about when they are active.  They were very surprised to hear that not all owls are nocturnal.  They children bathed a tortoise, investigated the difference between geese and ducks and even handled and fed some animals.  As part of this topic after the trip the children wrote fact sheets on their choice of owl and labelled a collage of owls for display in class.

In science the children studied the weather changes at this time of year and made model weather vanes.  They have also studied the life cycle of an owl.

For maths the Year 1 children did a practical experiment on how far a car would travel on different road surfaces measuring with standard and non-standard measures.

Reception have also been doing some fantastic work and are recognising and blending their sounds to read simple words.  They have been counting and solving simple problems for addition and subtraction.