In English, children will be focussing on setting descriptions this half term.  We have identified adjectives and their role in sentences.  The pupils will be varying their use of vocabulary for desired effects and developing their skills in creative writing by writing more setting descriptions of their own.  Our focus in punctuation will be commas in lists and speech marks.

In maths, children have drawn 2D shapes to given specifications and improved their accuracy at using a ruler to draw shapes with certain measurements.  We will be looking at length next and measuring objects accurately to the nearest half centimetre.  Pupils will write estimations of length and use a variety of measuring tools in their lessons.

In topic, pupils have started their new topic ‘The Anglo – Saxons’.  The children have identified when they invaded Britain and why.  We have located where the tribes travelled from and by what mode of transport they used.  We will look at writing messages using runes next.

In French, children have recapped their numbers to twenty and recalled basic greetings.

In science, pupils have started their new topic ‘Light and Dark’.  We have identified various light sources and discussed the importance of sun safety.  We will look at reflective surfaces and materials next.