Class 1 have been continuing to explore the night sky and what is beyond.  They created their own impressions of alien spaceships in art and have explored the planet Earth in topic, to see what makes it special.  In maths the Year 1 children have been busy counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.  They have completed lots of practical maths investigations involving this aspect of counting up to 100.  Reception have been running a little shop and using coins to buy items.  They have created their own price tags, using great number formation up to 20p.

In English the Year 1’s have written their own versions of the story ‘The Way Back Home,’ assessing their own work against their writing targets.  The whole class worked in groups to explore different materials and which would be the most suitable to reach a certain height. 

Reception are now really confident on their sounds and are all working on blending the sounds to read longer texts and discuss what they have read.  They have also been writing phrases using the sounds.  Well done!